Whoever said food couldn't be both comforting and light clearly hasn't eaten pad thai. As a dainty dish with a whole lot of heart, pad thai combines rice noodles with stir-fried fish or meat. A signature of true Thai cooking, it's a meal made for all kinds of moments.

Ideal for a balanced bite on the go, a lush lunch for one, or as part of a feast for all, pad thai is a culinary chameleon. And across the country, restaurants serve it up in all kind of ways – Icchethai's pad thai is cooked up with shrimp, The WOK whip up a vegetarian-friendly delight and at Asian Wok Box, it's served seafood-style.

Flat noodles with an intense flavour

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Asian food is known for its incredible ingredient combinations and vivid flavours. But when it comes to pad thai, we're treated to an amped up version of both. Ingredients-wise, there's delicate and luscious rice noodles that are usually matched with egg, tofu, garlic and chilli, and dressed with plenty of chopped peanuts.

All stir fried together with added meat or fish, the taste is fresh, tender and rich. So for your first experience, you're going to want to try it traditional. Keeping it classic, Icchethai serve their original pad thai with shrimp and let each element speak for itself.

Thai street food at its finest

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As incredible as the dish is, in Thailand pad thai is served casually as street food. Its origins stem from the 40s, when a rice shortage saw the country eating noodles instead. Then, to give the dish its own Thai spin, rice noodles were introduced to the mix and it became a renowned product of the nation.

In the true spirit of street food, you'll often find that the dish takes on a few fun twists. Some vendors stir in pork, but many prefer to keep it quintessentially Thai. At The WOK, it's signature shrimp all the way, with a vegetarian variation too so everyone can get in on the fun. Both are topped with bean sprouts and a squeeze of lime for an extra zesty kick.

Tofu, chilli and plenty of peanuts

Whether you eat on a plate in a restaurant or at home from a typical brown takeaway box, that same slightly sweet and spicy flavour will always come through. Those flat rice noodles are the perfect combination of tender and comforting, just like a warming hug in a bowl. The addition of a chilli kick and a pop of peanut finishes off that trusty pad thai taste.

And it's that authentic taste that Asian Wok Box care about the most. Using every traditional element, and mixing in a super seafood cocktail, their special noodle box pad thai style is as epic as it is classic.

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