You've seen the movies – you know the score. Americans love their pancakes. For breakfast, for brunch, sweet or savoury, they're practically their own food group.

If you're craving something a bit different for brunch, don't worry – the folks at California Bakery have got you covered. Go all out and get your star-spangled pancakes this morning.

A taste of Americana

These thick, fluffy discs are the breakfasts that dreams are made of. You see stacked up high, topped with a square pat of butter and syrup. They're smooth, rich and crispy outside, lightly browned from the heat of the pan, but with a lighter-than-air interior.

Bacon and maple syrup are the American pancake's best friends, and might be the ultimate salty-sweet treat. But they're also popular covered in fresh fruit, adding some goodness to the sugar hit.

Pancakes around the world

It's not only Americans who love pancakes. They are flipped, fried and feasted upon all over the world. They all share the same ingredients at their core – flour whisked with eggs and milk or water – but each country has its own recipe.

England's offering is wafer thin, traditionally served with sharp lemon juice and sprinkled with sugar. France's similarly thin crêpes are folded over, often with sweet nutty fillings or savoury cheese combinations. Pancakes are the first dish Dutch parents teach their children to cook. In South Africa, pancakes are stuffed with Milk Tart – a cinnamon custard with a spiced crumble. And, of course we have our classic crespelles. But American pancakes are on a different,, level.

Something a bit different

California Bakery, a little corner of America in Milan, honours those traditional US dishes – with a glamorous twist. They elevate pancakes with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a squeeze of lemon for an elegant brunch.

If you have a sweet tooth and comfort food is more your thing, try their banana and chocolate combination. The gooey melted chocolate makes it feel especially indulgent, as though you're eating dessert for breakfast – and we're always a fan of that.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Don't miss out just because you're having a lazy day. Put on some jazz and a brew a pot of coffee, and we'll bring breakfast to your door. What could be more American than brunch at home?

Stay at home and get California Bakery's piles of pancakes delivered straight to your door through Deliveroo.

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