Baked goods have always held a special place in our hearts – and stomachs. From the smell of a freshly baked loaf, the gooey cheese in your panini  to the melted chocolate chips in fresh-out-the-oven cookies, baked favourites never disappoint.

Our bakeries have evolved – it's not just about bread anymore. Pastries, gourmet sandwiches, indulgent cheesecakes and vegetarian alternatives are taking the stage now.

1. Croissant, Arnold Coffee

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The classic of classics. Flaky plain, audaciously creamy or lusciously chocolatey, the good old croissant is still top of the chart. Don't forget to dip it in a fluffy cappuccino the old school way. Who says you can't indulge at breakfast?

Where: Arnold Coffee, various locations

2. Panino 7, La Prosciutteria

We couldn't possibly leave out the mighty panino when it comes to talking about all things baked – especially how they do them at La Prosciutteria. They've got all sorts on offer here – try their number 7, which packs in Finocchiona, cheese sauce and herbs with grilled zucchini and hazelnuts. You won't be hungry an hour after this wonder.

Where: La Prosciutteria, Milan

3. Focaccia, Mondo Arancina

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Half way between bread and pizza, focaccia is doughy carby heaven. A traditional focaccia remains the undisputed Italian champion: olive oil, rock salt and rosemary, a clear tribute to simplicity. But you can top this doughy delight to your heart's desire, packing on anything from cured meats to roasted vegetables. We love the classy one they rustle up at Mondo though, for a vegetarian-friendly feast.

Where: Mondo Arancina, Rome

4. Quiche Lorraine, Le Vrai Bakery

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These savory pies come in all sorts of combinations. Great for a light snack, lunch at the office or dinner on the go, a good quiche is always the right answer. At Le Vrai you'll find a classic Quiche Lorraine with eggs, bacon, Emmental cheese and plated up with a vibrant salad. Crusty on the outside and creamy within, this quiche is sure to hit the spot.  

Where: Le Vrai Bakery, Milan

5.  Pumpkincake, Sugar & Spice

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Finally, it's time for dessert. We just couldn't talk about all things baked without an honorable mention of cake. And the guys at Sugar & Spice have it down – from cheesecakes to cupcakes. Go for classic chocolate frosted cupcake if you need a little pick me up in the afternoon, or opt for the Pumpkincake if you're feeling more adventurous – you'll find a pumpkin delight made with spices, nuts, topped and filled with creamy white frosting.

Where: Sugar & Spice, Florence

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, baked goodies hit the spot every time. Check out awesome bakeries here on Deliveroo.  

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