Ravioli is a classic. And these little pouches containing all of our favourite things have travelled far and wide since they popped up in Italy a few centuries ago. Returning home like the prodigal son, little ravioli is all grown up and seems to have picked up some interesting flavours along the way. While places like El Pasteè De Milan still keep things classy, restaurants like Ravioleria Sarpi and Pine & Apple prefer something a little bit different…

Between the sheets

You'll find ravioli just about everywhere here in Italy, with fillings varying depending on the region. Whereas in Rome they choose creamy ricotta and complement it with spinach, nutmeg and a hint of pepper, over in Sardinia, they couple their ricotta ravioli with tangy lemon rind.

And it doesn't stop there, these days ravioli – or a variety that's so similar they're at least first cousins – can be found in countries around the world. Whereas a bit closer to home in France, pasta dough is filled with leftover braised beef, in Turkey it's served packed with spiced meat, paprika and yoghurt. More distant relatives include the Indian inspired samosa, or the Chinese wonton.

A dish by any other name

Ravioli has been knocking around for absolutely ages, with the first mention recorded in Venice in the 1300s – a merchant named Francesco di Marco Datini wrote to friends about a pasta with green herbs, egg, fresh cheese and spices. The guy must have really enjoyed that ravioli to be writing letters about it...

Rainbow of ravioli

There's all sorts of ravioli available in Italy these days. If you're a lover of traditional flavours, El Pasteè De Milan is the place for you. They pack everything – from pumpkin and buffalo mozzarella with basil to fresh sea bass with squid ink – into ravioli here. We love the lemon, pistachio and prawn combination though, for a testament to the versatility of these perfect parcels.

Taking inspiration from all things Chinese, Ravioleria Sarpi inject some fusion magic into their pasta goodies. The Vegetable choice bundles in spinach, celery, cabbage, carrot and spring onion in with ginger, tofu and chopped noodles. We love the Beef option, where the meat is met with turmeric, turnip, leek and ginger.

They also go with a Chinese vibe over at Pine & Apple. Here you'll find ravioli stuffed with fresh shrimp and roasted zucchini, chicken and Chinese mushrooms, and beef and fresh coriander. For us, it's the Ravioli di Gamberia e Capesante though, where shrimp and scallops are bundled up in a dark black pasta dough, and cooked up to perfection.  

There's a whole new world of ravioli fillings out there – explore your options here on Deliveroo.

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