It's no surprise that there are loads of great restaurants here in Italy – the home to the globally loved pizza is, of course, going to have a good foodie scene. But there's more than the classics here, so whether you fancy Japanese inspired goodies or feel more like a star-spangled burger, there's a place here for you.

1. Trita

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If you're looking for a classic burger done well, look no further than Trita. They tailor make each and every burger here, so you can craft the patty-packed-wonder of your dreams. And let's be honest, we all have one of those.

Where: Trita, Milan

2. California Bakery

The Californian Bakery brings a slice of that west coast sunshine here to Milan, so if you're looking for all things American, this is the place for you. From loaded bagels to New York cheesecakes, they've got it all.

Where: California Bakery, various locations

3. Ham Holy Burger

If you like choice when it comes to burgers, these guys have got you covered. Using only Piedmont Fassona beef, they've created a menu that's about bringing the best of Italian produce to stateside-inspired burgers. And the good news doesn't stop there, they've also got gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan delights on offer here.

Where: Ham Holy Burger, various locations

4. Rossopomodoro

Rossopomodoro was born in Naples, just like their speciality – pizza.  And the good news is they brought the best Neapolitan food with them. They take authenticity seriously here, so that why each of their pizzas uses DOP mozzarella, or 'Denominazione di Origine Protetta', meaning that it's the real deal.

Where: Rossopomodoro, various locations

5. La Gelateria Della Musica

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What list of Italian restaurants would be complete without gelato? La Gelateria is also a music venue, with a philosophy that, just like a live concert, the gelato here 'is never exactly the same'. Choose from classics like strawberry and lemon, or opt for their liquorice, speculoos or gold dust flavours.

Where: La Gelateria Della Musica, various locations

6. Biancollate

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Pizza, pasta, cured meats and – of course – dessert, Biancollate offer up everything classically Italian.  We love their Salmon Carpaccio, marinated in citrus juices, for a really refreshing dish. If that's not quite your thing, you could always go for one of their awesome whole cakes instead.  

Where: Biancollate, Milan

7. Lievita

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Lievita's speciality is producing pizza that doesn't only taste good, but does good too. So you can get all your favourite pizza flavours, whipped up in a much healthier way than the classic. Go for one bundling on mussels, mozzarella, lemon peel and basil, and indulge guilt free.

Where: Lievita, Milan

8. Fatto Bene Burger

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They guys here pride themselves on only using local produce, so the ingredients you'll find bundled into your Blanco burger – beef patty, spinach, shallots and bacon – are all from close to home. And they've got an awesome selection of veggie-and-vegan-friendly eats here too.

Where: Fatto Bene Burger, various locations

9. Ciampini Bistrot

Ciampini Bistrot's menu is a dazzling array of always new, always changing dishes. So if you're looking something new, look no further. Salmon stuffed pizza? Sure thing. We love the Insalata Roast Beef here, a wonder packed with beef, cherry tomatoes and arugula.

Where: Ciampini Bistrot, Rome

10. Daruma Sushi

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Sushi is having a moment here in Italy, and restaurants like Daruma Sushi are to thank. This place is a sliver of Japan right here in Milan, serving up perfectly parcelled sashimi, nigiri, temaki, udon and much more.

Where: Daruma Sushi, various locations

11. Hamasei

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Hamasei's upmarket Japanese food has been popular in Milan since it opened up a few years ago. Flavourful, light and healthy, it's no surprise. Go for one of their curated boxes to get a taste of everything they rustle up here.

Where: Hamasei, Rome

12. Brera Milano

They're all about tradition over at Brera Milano, so here you'll find everything from a pizza packing on flambéed shrimp, cherry tomatoes and chilli peppers, to gnocchi with a hearty meat sauce. Finish off your feast with a creamy panna cotta for a real treat.  

Where: Brera Milano, Milan


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