Globalisation has helped food lovers access the world's larder and experiment with all sorts of dishes from different cultures. Following experimentation comes what many call fusion cuisine, or what we like to call 'the best of both worlds'.

And when it comes to fusion, no other cuisine lends itself more ably than Japanese. With its focus on fresh produce, zingy flavours and multiple cooking styles, it's highly adaptable for a global crowd. Here's our pick of the best Japanese fusion food in Italy.

1. Koi Sushi

Japan's staple dish – sushi – is given a fun makeover at Koi Sushi. The dishes here really play with flavours, and our favourite is the Tropical Tuna, where you'll get a mix of sushi rice, avocado and cooked shrimp with sesame and mango sauce. Or try the gyoza koi – dumplings filled with shrimp, chicken, veal and vegetables – as a hot fusion snack.

The restaurant's Uramaki section is a beautiful balance of East meets West, mixing the principles of Japanese cooking and flavours with more western ingredients. We love the Tara roll for its global feel – consisting of eight pieces of tempura cod with mayonnaise, diced tomatoes and guacamole. But the Tiger roll has a special spot in our hearts – stuffed with tempura prawns, and wrapped with smoked salmon, guacamole and fish roe.

Where: Koi Sushi, Turin

2. Macha Japanese Café

Nowhere does fusion quite as full-on as Macha Japanese Cafe, where sushi not only comes in its trademark roll, but in a bowl and as a burger too.

Dive into a sushi bowl and you'll find white or black rice, bean sprouts, nori seaweed and sesame seeds mixed with your choice of tuna, salmon, tofu or vegetables. But for ultimate fusion, opt for the famous sushi burger. Here sushi rice takes the place of a burger bun, and the patty is fresh salmon, avocado and spinach leaves.

Be sure to order the restaurant's namesake drink, macha green tea, and embrace the fusion to its fullest. And if you're after something sweeter, the macha-infused tiramisu or chocolate and berry pancakes are sure to keep you smiling.

Where: Macha Japanese Cafe, Milan

3. Zen Fusion Japan and Thai

Zen Fusion Japan and Thai blends seasonal Italian produce with traditional Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques to appeal to the well-travelled palate.

For a fresh take on fusion, sample dishes from its antipasti menu. We recommend the 999 Nasuno Agedashi – aubergine sautéed with shrimp and a spicy sauce – or the Insalata Giapponese, octopus salad with a Japanese vinegar dressing.

If you're after something more conventional, opt for the Philadelphia. It's four pieces of grilled salmon served with a teriyaki sauce and creamy Philadelphia cheese – and you'll soon find out why it's one of the restaurant's most popular dishes. And when you want something soothing, pick out a temaki cone – like the salmon and avocado roll, finished with plenty of sesame seeds.

Where: Zen Fusion Japan and Thai, Rome

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