Super fresh and super tasty, sushi has got you covered for any occasion. It's the sophisticated choice for an evening meal and the go-to option for a trendy working lunch – healthy, zen and stylish.

Don't be afraid if you're new to sushi – it's about so much more than raw fish. Its recent rise in popularity is partly thanks to its ability to adapt, so you'll find modern menus subbing in all of your favourite things. We've picked four of our favourites from around the country, so you can get stuck into the ever growing sushi movement.

1. Daruma Sushi

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The Daruma Box is where it's at. There's all sorts of options here for one or two people, making this a chic and sleek option for your working lunch. However, if you're really popular and have loads of mates – and we know you are – then you guys could go for the Lunch Box Office. It serves around five people and has 50 pieces of sushi to share, including 36 of their Inside Out top sellers, including mixed nigri, gunkan tulip and salmon sashimi. That's one sophisticated working lunch.

Where: Daruma Sushi, various locations

2. Sushi Sun

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The menu at Sushi Sun is gigantic, so this is an excellent option for sushi beginners who want lots of choice. Of course, there are all the usual sushi suspects, but there's also a nod to our Italian cuisine too, with a chic carpaccio menu.  

Traditionally, carpaccio is made with sliced beef, but here at Sushi Sun you can get a salmon, tuna, or white fish carpaccio. It's served up with a squeeze of lemon, a touch of vinegar and finished with a drizzle of good olive oil, a sprinkling of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.  

Where: Sushi Sun, Rome

3. Sosushi Shop

You have three choices for your party menu here – 30, 51 or a whopping 80 pieces. There's so much to sushi, but for the uninitiated, there are five main types: Nigiri is often called 'the classic' – tightly packed rice with a strip of fish and a smear of wasabi sitting on top. Maki is a small sliced cylinder of rice wrapped in nori seaweed with a filling in the centre. Temaki is nori seaweed shaped like a gelato cone. Uramaki has an extra layer of rice on the outside. And sashimi is simply raw fish served with a soy sauce for dipping. The Party Menu is the perfect way to try a little bit of everything – as well as impress your party people. 

Where: Sosushi Shop, Milan

4. Lame Sushi

If you're in need of some serious comfort food, check out Lame Sushi's tempura offerings. Deep-fried it may be, but this batter is lighter than air – thin and crispy on the outside, giving a satisfying crunch to the tender ingredient hiding in the middle. You'll find everything from Ebi Tempura to one bundling mixed vegetables – it's sushi served with a side of mischief. Want the best of both worlds? Opt for the Nigiri Fried Shrimp.

Where: Lame Sushi, Bologna

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