The secret weapon of Italian chefs, truffles are delicacies all around the world. Growing in tree roots, they're rare and notoriously difficult to farm, but they add a strong, earthy and unforgettable flavour to dishes that we just love.

They're so in demand that they've been called 'the black diamond'. But there's no need to adopt a truffle-hunting pup, we've rounded up the best places and classic dishes to get your truffle fix, right here on Deliveroo.

1. Battuto di manzo fassona, perle al tartufo e nocciola, Molto Italiano

Molto Italiano have taken their luxurious beef tartare, made with Fassona beef from Piedmont, and added rich hazelnuts and truffles to amp up the decadence even further. They love using truffles in their dishes, so keep your eye out for upcoming special goodies involving this addictive tuber.

Where: Molto Italiano, Rome

2. Risotto "tartufi e friends" con tartufo fresco - tartufo nero, Tartufi & Friends

If you know you want truffles but can't decide which dish you fancy, Tartufi & Friends have you covered, with truffles topping everything from antipasti to pasta to risotto to carpaccio, you get the idea. For us though, it's the risotto. Every. Single. Time.

Where: Tartufi & Friends, Rome and Milan

3. Patate, Tartufo e panna acida, My Bags

Truffles really shine when paired up with simple dishes, and My Bags have chosen to crown one of their baked potatoes with soured cream and truffles. If you're in the mood for a sandwich though, we love the Baguette Saporito, where you'll find salame, provola and rucola, drizzled with crema di tartufo.

Where: My Bags, Rome

4.Tortelli al tartufo, El Pasteè de Milan

El Pasteè de Milan are all about fresh pasta and sauces, made onsite in their small artisanal workshop. You can go simple, but why not go all-out and order their Tortelli al tartufo to switch up your pasta night.

Where: El Pasteè de Milan, Milan

5.Uovo parfait, Le Carré Français

A few shavings of black truffle over a perfectly poached, creamy egg – this is what dreams are made of. The deep flavours of the truffle enhance the silky egg, with earthy Cardoncello mushrooms scattered over.

Where: Le Carré Français, Rome

Craving the dark, earthy flavours of truffles? Let Deliveroo do the hunting and gathering for you.

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