You can't scroll through Instagram without seeing some posting a pic of their stacked-up wonder burger. With all these different toppings, artisanal buns, crazy flavours and secret spice blends, it's no surprise that people are bundling chicken into their gourmet burgers now too.

Though chicken burgers have been making the rounds for some time – perfect for people wanting all the protein but less fat – gourmet versions are just impressive as their beefy counterparts. The guys at Burger Bar, Fifty Five Burger and Ham Holy Burger know what we're talking about.

Burger or sandwich?

Though most likely originating in German, burgers are something that have become quintessentially American. And our star-spangled friends only think of beef when we talk about burgers. On the other side of the Atlantic, you'd find chicken sandwiches on menus instead of your favourite chicken burger. The meat can be breaded, fried, or whole – but the chicken sandwich is a dish of its own.

For us though, a 'burger' simply refers to piece a meat patty inside a bun.  And with modern trends like gourmet burgers making the rounds, this versatility lets our creative spark go wild.

While it's quality, craft and freshness that make a really good chicken burger, artistic flair is what takes this fast-food favourite to the next level. With a special focus that combines high quality ingredients from the best sources, expert preparation, a fusion of flavours and beautiful aesthetics to whet your appetite, this isn't your average burger.

Less beef, more bite

So where do you go when you want a thick and filling chicken burger? Ham Holy are a popular choice for all things burger-shaped, and their Crispy chicken burger doesn't disappoint – juicy breaded chicken strips are served up with a colourful healthy mixed salad, crunchy julienned carrots and tangy Caesar sauce, all served in a fresh baked multigrain bun.

If you want something a bit less innocent, the Fifty Five Burger's Chicken version has comes with tartar sauce and a generous slice of brie melting over it. And for days when you're after a classic, hit up Burger Bar. Their Eldorado is traditional and hits all the right notes – breaded chicken breast, crispy bacon rashers, fresh salad and a creamy mayonnaise.

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