Often, simple is best. Take a delicate, delicious ingredient, like the fresher than fresh cuts of fish used in sashimi. Expertly sliced and served up raw, no complex cooking methods go into this dish, yet it's one of the world's most treasured meals.

This traditional Japanese delight is commonly made using raw sushi-grade salmon or tuna, but in the culinary world anything is possible. The guys at Daruma Sushi, Genso Sushi and Sushi House put on their thinking caps and brought some creative magic to this classic, mixing it up with seabass, octopus and more to create something truly special.

Dressed and ready to be dipped

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Without cooking – or even seasoning – you could say that sashimi is relatively simple to prepare. And while easy to believe, it's not necessarily true. To create the signature slither that is the sashimi we know and love, the fish needs to be sliced, which is often an art in itself.

The hira-zukuri cut is the most common, giving us the rectangular shape sashimi that we're so used to. But for firmer fish, chefs may go with the thinner, diagonal uzu-zukuri cut. Then, it's time to dress and dip.

Gentle introduction

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The word sashimi is actually made up of two Japanese words: sashi (pierced) and mi (body or meat) and dates from way back in the 14th century. Presenting fresh raw fish as part of a meal has taken place since ancient times. Quite commonly the first course in Japanese dining, sashimi is considered to be the finest dish of them all – particularly when it's a fancier affair. Designed to be enjoyed before richer, more intense flavours hit the palate, sashimi is a light, yet decadent choice.

Sashimi shouldn't be confused with the term 'sushi', which refers to dishes that also contain vinagared rice.

Delicate Japanese delicacy

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Artfully shredded Asian vegetables garnish your sashimi and tangy soy sauce, zingy ginger and punchy wasabi come along to tailor your order to your taste. The choice of serving or sides is yours for the taking, but it may depend on your fish of choice.

At Genso Sushi, go traditional with tuna, or mix it up with a bit of bass. Sushi House's most popular is the salmon – silky, rich-hued slices just waiting to be lifted with chopsticks and slowly savoured on your tongue.  Or if you just can't decide, order Daruma Sushi's Misto selection, which comes with salmon, sea bass and tuna. If you're in the mood for a little twist, try tuna or salmon tartare style or sashimi that's been seared at Sushi House.

Whether you're dining alone, or feasting with friends, sashimi works wonders when teamed with different dishes. A box of sashimi, containing either one style of fish or a few, can go down a treat with a little nigiri or temaki to go with it.

Sashimi can be arranged in an instant with a Deliveroo order from Daruma Sushi, Genso Sushi or Sushi House delivered straight to your door.

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