The fear of missing out is a powerful thing, especially when there's so much to choose from. But with dim sum there's nothing to worry about – you can get a little bit of everything here. This traditional Chinese staple serves up a medley of simple yet delectable dishes, with all sorts of tastes, textures and scents for an unforgettable feast.

So if you're seeking some variety, let our chefs at Dim Sum Fine Asian Cuisine, Kungfu Bao and Hohoch serve you some authentic Chinese tapas in the comfort of your home.

An Asian tapestry

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Made up of all sorts of sweet and savoury treats, dim sum recipes are carefully whipped up using fresh ingredients, aromatic seasoning and a whole lot of love. Typically either steamed or fried, these simple yet flavoursome dishes are great for sharing, and usually served up piping hot in authentic bamboo steamer baskets.

You'll find everything from dumplings, rich meaty stuffed buns to juicy steamed pork ribs. Siu mai is a huge favourite – either pork or prawn in a thin crispy dumpling wrapper stuffed with firm vegetables. Gai bao is also another regular on dim sum tables, where succulent chicken seasoned with mixed herbs is packed into a light homemade white bun.

Food for the soul

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Translating as 'touch the heart' dim sum are dishes created to stimulate taste buds, rather than to fill you up. This unique culinary tradition has its roots in Cantonese cooking, and originated around the time of the Silk Road, when teahouses popped up along the trail for travellers needing a pit stop on the way.

The quintessential Asian brunch, dim sum is typically enjoyed late morning and is synonymous with yum cha or local tea – so much so that the two phrases are used interchangeably. While there's a respect for tradition here, chefs all over the world have been injecting some contemporary imagination into these perfect parcels.

Cantonese light bites for Italian tastes

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There's all sorts of goodies on dim sum menus out there, and the best bit is you get to pick and mix all your favourite things. So if you're craving seafood then Kungfu Bao's Ravioli Gambero is a winner, four pieces of handcrafted pastry pockets filled with fresh juicy shrimp and steamed until deliciously soft. And over at Dim Sum Fine Asian Cuisine, vegans can get in on the fun. When you opt for their zesty Vegan Kau you'll find green ravioli stuffed with mixed vegetables and tossed in a wok until delightfully crispy.

Hohoch's Maiale e Cipollotti offers up a recreation of the classic bao – two doughy homemade buns filled with juicy pork and sharp crispy spring onions, steamed and served in a traditional bamboo box that's sure to leaving you smiling.

Get in on the dim sum fun, explore the diverse flavours and aromas of China here on Deliveroo.

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