Summer is the season of burgers. And just because you aren't a meat eater doesn't mean you should miss out on the pleasure of a beautifully barbecued burger, with everything-overflowing-between-a-bread-bun.

Vegetarian and vegan burgers often get a bit of a hard time, compared with what meat-hungry carnivores term 'The Real Thing'. But a good vegetarian or vegan burger needn't be a second-rate take on a classic – and Fatto Bene Burger succeeds in making a 100% vegan number that is every bit as flavoursome as its meaty forerunner.  

The first 'VegeBurger'

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The master of disguise, vegan burgers have been around forever, going incognito in koftas, fried meatballs and patties.

However, the first official vegetarian 'burger' – named the 'VegeBurger' – is thought to have been created in London's Paddington in 1982 by Gregory Sams. He ran a natural food restaurant with his brother Craig, and together they helped pave the way for mainstream vegetarianism in the UK.

Spice up your life

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Today, more people than ever are flying the flag for veganism – shunning the meat is now bang on-trend. Even if it's not a full lifestyle choice, going meat-free every now and then is pretty popular too, with vibrant and exciting meatless dishes that prove vegan food isn't a sacrifice.

The spicy bean version is probably the most famous meat-free burger. Mashed up beans – cannellini, broad beans or butter beans are the most common – make that dense, sink-your-teeth-into patty, brought to life by a wealth of colourful ingredients, fragrant herbs and super spices.

Garlic and chilli are often present as a base, and curried flavours are common too – spices like cumin, garam masala and turmeric add depth. European classics are often aromatic and herby, with thyme or sage, plenty of parsley, and a twist of zesty lemon juice. And smoky flavours are looking like the next big thing – ingredients such as smoked paprika or chipotle paste now help give that flame-grilled barbecue-charred edge that's often missed in vegan burgers.

Sunshine on a plate

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At Fatto Bene Burger, you've got an authentically Italian take on the vegan burger – a towering creation that serves up sunshine on a plate. Though we'd expect nothing less from these guys, who set up this restaurant as a passionate project to give 'a full Italian reinterpretation of the famous US sandwich', and offer a massive menu of gourmet burgers.

Their 100% Vegan Burger is a 'meatball' of Mediterranean flavours. Fresh tomatoes. Tangy olives. Salty capers. Sweet wilted spinach, sautéed in high-quality olive oil. Silky shallot 'cream'. All brought together with a sharp mustard seed dressing. It's now official – missing meat doesn't mean missing out.

Join the meat-free movement and get 100% vegetarian and vegan burgers delivered to your door through Deliveroo.

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