Something magical happens when ground meat is rolled into balls and cooked in a rich sauce until tender. The end product is, of course, meatballs. And the guys at The Meatball Family, Polpetta and Norma - Polpetteria Artigiana are experts when it comes to preparing these spherical stunners.

Cross-cultural classics

It's not surprising that the meatball is such a champion. There's no other dish that seems to span cuisines and cultures quite in the same way.

From Sweden's gravy-covered beef and pork kottbullars to the lamb koftas served in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, these round wonders  – whatever their size and contents – are a favourite wherever you're from.

The only rule? There are no rules

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So, what makes a meatball fabulous? We think it's down to its versatility – there aren't any hard and fast rules for ingredients. You'll find all kinds of ground meat, or even fish or vegetables, mixed in with a combination of onions, spices, herbs, breadcumbs and egg to bind. Some meatballs are small, others are large, you'll find ones baked or fried – but the one unifying factor is their shape. And they love being served up covered a bit saucy.

Here, we like our meatballs to be made with ground beef and or pork, seasoned with chopped garlic, parsley, salt and pepper – and sometimes breadcrumbs, cheese and egg are involved too – then rolled to the size of golf balls. Brown them in the pan, then simmer them in a rich tomato sauce.

Traditional or alternative?

For a classic take on Italian meatballs, head to The Meatball Family. You'll find ground Piedmont Fassona beef mixed with Bologna Mortadella, Parmesan, herbs, spices and breadcrumbs before being gently baked in the oven. They're served up with a rustic tomato sauce in true Italian style.

Opt for a different take with Polpetta's Le Polpette Cacio E Pepe. This dish sees chicken meatballs met with a creamy cheese and black pepper sauce. And enjoy a taste of spring with Norma –Polpetteria Artigiana's wide range of flavour combinations. We're head over heels for the Agnello Asparagi E Pistacchi, where you'll find lamb, asparagus, eggs, bread, parmesan, packed in with lemon, pistachio nuts and salt before being gently fried to perfection.

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