It's the most important meal of the day – so you can't afford to miss it. Breakfast is a chance to re-energise your body and fuel up for the hours ahead. So whether you'd rather spend time mulling over a full-on feast, or grab a coffee and pastry to go, we've got a breakfast option to suit your needs. And if your favourite place doesn't deliver in the morning, these breakfast goodies will go down a treat anytime.

1. Toast Dessert, Toast Amore

Let's start off classic. What could make for a better breakfast than toast? Toast Amore take their bread seriously, with a huge and diverse range of sandwiches on offer. Stuff your toasties with meat or vegetables, or swap out entirely for something sweeter – like their peanut butter, seasonal fruit and white chocolate cream Toast Dessert. If you have it for breakfast, we promise not to tell.

Where: Toast Amore, Rome

2.  Smoked salmon bagel, Arnold Coffee

If you've slept in and it's hit midday without you noticing, then it's an ideal time to get a lazy breakfast-as-lunch meal. Arnold Coffee have made their name serving up American-style beverages in cities that love espresso, but they've carved their own niche. Especially popular are their bagels – and the smoked salmon one goes great with a coffee as you gear up to face the day.

Where: Arnold Coffee, various locations

3. Traditional American Breakfast, Classico

Classico may run a bar and restaurant in the evenings, but in the morning they're all about providing a banging breakfast. Get a pot of freshly brewed coffee at the ready, and dig into their popular Traditional American Breakfast. Enjoy crispy bacon and fried eggs first thing in the morning, as well as cherry tomatoes for extra bursts of sweetness. This dish is an instant classic.

Where: Classico, Milan

4. Waffles, Homebaked

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Baked goods are Homebaked's passion – so you'll find freshly made sandwiches and wraps here all day long. There's some breakfast specials too, for when you want something different in the morning. Our favourite is the simple waffles – two rectangles of crispy, chewy sweetness, covered in syrup and sprinkled with sugar. What better way to start the day off?

Where: Homebaked, Rome

5. Macha pancakes, Macha / Japanese Café

It's easy being green at Macha. Their selling point is Japanese green tea, which appears in many of the dishes on this colourful menu. Grab a stack of American pancakes topped with a sunny-side up egg, or go healthy with a toast and avocado smash. Just make sure to enjoy it all with a cup of their signature tea – hot, cold, milkshake-mixed or however else you want it.

Where: Macha / Japanese Café, Milan

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