There's something undeniably cool about sushi. The popularity of these perfectly presented little parcels has soared in recent years, with sushi joints popping up all over the place. While you might associate it with sophistication and refinement, sushi isn't just for fancy nights out. Just ask Haruka Sushi. These bite-sized bundles are also a go-to working lunch, hearty main or moreish snack – it's healthy, zen and stylish.

More than raw fish

With all the raw and cooked fish, tender meats and exotic vegetables in sushi, variety really is the name of the game here. But all types of sushi can be united by sharing similar sauces and garnishes. Strong flavours, like wasabi and soy sauce are common for dipping companions. Daikon radish tops everything off, and paper thin slivers of pickled ginger provide a refreshing palate cleanse between bites.

Don't be put off if seafood isn't your thing. Sushi has a reputation for being all about raw fish, but its artistry extends far beyond the ocean. Its success is in its ability to adapt, and modern menus often accommodate Western tastes. The dish can be time-honoured and traditional, or contemporary and creative.

It's all about the rice

Rice is sushi's foundation, and it's also where the story began. Sushi goes back thousands of years to when people living along the Mekong River would packing fish into jars with cooked rice. It fermented, preserving the fish and keeping it good for up to a year.

And it's from this process that sushi gets its name – translating to 'sourness', or 'fermented rice'. But it wasn't until the mid-19th century that Hanaya Yohei rustled up sushi as we know it today, subbing in vinegary rice rather than its fermented cousin so sushi could be whipped up in a flash. You could call it the original fast food, and Yohei became an icon. It was also around this time that sushi evolved into finger food, scaled down and wrapped up so you can tuck in with your hands.

An ocean of options

Haruka Sushi's menu is well-versed in diversity. If you came here for classic sushi and sushi alone, go for the temaki. These guys fill their seaweed cones with tuna, salmon, eel or cooked shrimp and avocado – each with spicy versions if you're after that chilli zing. They also keep things traditional with their nigri and sashimi, offering up seabass, tuna, and salmon versions of each.

Alongside a whole host of noodles, carpaccio and tempura, their mixed platters fit the bill for times that we just can't decide. Order a variety of dumplings to get your carb fix before your fish feast, then move onto the Special Mixed Haruka. We love the Sushi and Sashimi Mixed Special for a really impressive selection. Here you'll get 40 glorious pieces of the best they have to offer – and it's pretty as a picture, served up with all the colours of the rainbow.

Join the sushi movement and you won't look back. Check out Haruka Sushi's classic and contemporary creations here on Deliveroo.






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