The kebab means something different to all of us. For some it's succulent strips of doner, cut straight from a rotating spit of deliciousness, and to others it's grilled, skewered meat served up on a flatbread with fresh salad and sauces. And there's loads of restaurants serving up kebabs in all shape and size here in Italy, place just like Babek, Mariu and Wrap House Roma.

Skewered or rotating

The word 'kebab' literally means roasted or grilled meat. From Greece to the Middle East, you'll find all sorts of variations – from different meats, cooking methods and spice medleys, people all over the world have been getting in on the kebab fun for centuries.

More often than not, it's the doner that comes to mind when you think kebab. This delight, usually consisting of lamb or chicken – rotates slowly in front of a grill on that trademark vertical spit. Thin strips of succulent meat are then stacked on a bed of crunchy salad in a pita or flatbread, and garnished with pickles and sauces.    

Turkish roots

We've been cooking up meat on skewers since prehistoric times, and archaeologists found early versions of grills in Greece that dated way back to around 17th century BC. With facts like that, it's clear to see that the kebab has stood the test of time and emerged victorious.

Twists on a kebab theme

Instead of using a flatbread or pitta, Babek fill rye bread rolls with tender strips of Bergamo lamb in their Babek Nero – this Italian twist on Turkish doner layers tender meat on peppery rocket, sweet creamed peas and an artichoke fricassee to crunchy, creamy, savoury perfection.

If you're looking for more of a heartier feast, check out Wrap House Roma's offerings. For a real hunger buster, opt for the Menù Vitello e Tacchino, a wonder subbing in two of our favourite meats, and served up with an Italian flatbread, complete with creamed potatoes, crunchy iceberg lettuce and a tomato sauce.

But if you're more in the mood for a lighter, gourmet kebab, look no further than Mariù. Here piadina and puccia salento flatbreads play host to a range of fresh meats and original fillings. They put the power into your hands here, and give you all the tools to make your perfect kebab masterpiece. Meat, toppings, sauce, you name it, you can customise it.

Whether it's in a wrap, rustic roll or gourmet flatbread, we've got a kebab for you here on Deliveroo.  

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