Considering how almost caveman this slab-of-beef-on-a-plate is, the simple steak still packs a sophisticated punch. The most expensive cut of the cow, fillet steak has spent most of its life being a right show-off. The business dinner choice of slick city boys or the I-really-need-to-impress romantic date night, the fillet steak is special occasion fare.

But the foodie movement of recent years has put a stop to any steak snootiness. Tasty, tender and trendy, everybody wants a piece of the action, and Eataly is sure to deliver.

The cut of the meat

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Here's the history bit. Cattle were domesticated more than 10,000 years ago, and we've been feasting upon red meat ever since. However, we were a little late to the game here in Italy. Our relatively rugged countryside didn't suit the herds of cows for a long time, only becoming widely eaten around 100 years ago.

You'll probably be familiar with all the various different types of steak, which are distinguished by the cut of the meat – i.e. which part of the cow they come from. Feather blade, sirloin, rib-eye, rump, T-bone, porterhouse, minute, Chateaubriand – and the fancy fillet.

The fillet comes from inside the sirloin. This muscle does no work at all, which means that it's extremely tender and has no fat. It's this rare combination makes the fillet steak the connoisseur's choice.

The cooking

Fillet steak is prone to drying out if it's overcooked, which is why you need the white-hot grills of a restaurant kitchen to perfect it. And this tells you why the fillet steak has such prestige – home ovens just don't get fired up in the same way, so it's almost impossible to replicate the wonders of a fillet steak at home.

Of course, you're then faced with the choice of how you want it cooked - well-done, medium, or rare? How you like your steak cooked is just a matter of preference. Rare means less drying out, but you don't need blood on your plate for it to be a 'proper steak'. This is 2017, after all.

Indulge the Italian way

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Eataly is the combination of two English words – EAT and ITALY (see what they did there?) – but these guys are much more about indulging in the Italian way of eating and sharing at the table than they are about sticking to national dishes.

Their fillet sottopetto comes in at 300g – tender in texture and strong in taste, and cooked on a scorching hot charcoal grill. To accompany your fine cut of meat, there's a range of saucy sides to choose from and an extensive wine list too.

Enjoy super-posh refined restaurant cuisine from the comfort of your own home, delivered directly to your door through Deliveroo.


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