Everybody loves chocolate and we can't get enough of it. The sweet treat comes in so many forms to suit every occasion, including California Bakery's rich, double chocolate cake – the kind you'd order for a big celebration or eat in thick, generous slices if you've just been dumped.

But sometimes cooler heads prevail, and that's where a nice chilled dessert can be just the thing. La Gelateria della Musica has taken the shiny, velvety ganache that typically graces chocolate cakes, and transformed it into a refreshing sorbet.

The classic: double chocolate cake

Forget lighter-than-air sponge cakes. Double chocolate cake is gooey, dense and delicious. It's a comfort food classic – a slice of rich melt-in-your-mouth heaven. The most luxurious cakes are coated in gorgeously glossy and glamorous ganache, invented in a patisserie in Paris in the 1850s, using just chocolate, cream and maybe some butter.

Legend tells us ganache was created by accident – a low level pastry chef dropped very hot cream into a bowl of dark chocolate and the head chef called him ganache, the French word for 'idiot'. Turns out the head chef was the stupid one, as this heavenly mixture has given us everything from stunning cake finishes to decadent truffles, depending on the ratio of cream to chocolate.

The alternative: chocolate fudge ganache sorbet

Ganache is so great, in fact, that the creative minds at La Gelateria della Musica decided to take the rich mixture as a base and add more cocoa and melted fudge to make this luxurious sorbet. Perfect for a hot day, or any time you don't want cake crumbs coming between you and a spoonful of indulgent, creamy ganache.

Finish with a topping of your choice, such as a sprinkling of hazelnuts or crushed pistachios, and enjoy this silky reinvention of the most luxurious kitchen mistake in dessert's history.  And no, we're not sure how they managed to make it so light, either.

Sometimes chocolate is a dish best served cold. Place your gelato order with La Gelateria della Musica right now, through Deliveroo.

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