In Italy, we take sweet things seriously. For centuries, our culinary traditions have been the envy of the world, with cakes, desserts and – of course – gelato, of global fame. And this means there are loads of places to get your sweet treats here, so we've rounded up some of the best places for when you need that sugar high.

1. Cupcakery

With so many different cupcakes coming out of a store so small, it must be like Santa's workshop in the Cupcakery kitchen. And the treats do taste like there's magic in their making...

What's more, the menu is organised by days of the week. So if you're suffering Mondayitis, just remember, Monday is the day of Purple Carrot and Almond, creamy Yogurt with Soft Heart Pistachio day and Kinder Bueno – a white chocolate-hazelnut cupcake served with chocolate buttercream frosting and a Kinder Bueno on top. Suddenly, you'll be skipping home from work.

Where: Cupcakery, Milan

2. Pico Gelato

We all know that no list of Italian treats would be complete without gelato. And over at Pico Gelato, they say that this Italian ice cream satisfies both the palate and heart – and we're with them on this one. They serve up classic flavours combined with the exotic, like the hearty Pistachio with a dollop of Dulce de Leche, or the nutty Bourbon Vanilla and fresh Ricotta Romana, with a zesty lemon peel and almonds.

But they're more than a one trick pony here, it's a literal emporium of frozen sweet treats with a range of ice cream, ice trays, trays cream, frozen yoghurt, ice cream cakes, pastries and Italian honey.

Where: Pico Gelato, Rome

3. Torte.It

Torte.It is one of a kind, just like each of the cakes it creates. An artisan bakery that specialises in cake design and personalised decorated desserts, Torte.It has a spectacular portfolio of sugary creations. But alongside its curated wonders, they've got all sorts on offer. From croissants to a Guinness cake, they've got just about everything here, so you're guaranteed to find your new favourite.

We love the Cheesecake with Fresh Red Fruits, where the zingy berries cut through the creamy centre for a light, refreshing treat. And the good news doesn't stop there, this wonder comes as a whole cake, perfect for finishing off a summery dinner party.

Where: Torte.It, Milan

4. DolceLab

The motto here is 'there is no more sincere love than that for food'. And we can get behind a philosophy like that. You can just about taste the love in every bite too, from their range of cheesecakes – with the classic New York, rich chocolate, sweet blueberry, and salted caramel – to their perfectly topped cupcakes.  We love their Carrot Cake though, a towering wonder layering creamy frosting with soft, delicate sponge.

Where: DolceLab, Florence

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