There are boring burgers, and then there are gourmet burgers. With homemade buns, the finest locally-sourced ingredients, high-quality meat and innovative recipes, gourmet burgers stand out from the crowd. You can find a whole host of hip burgers here in Italy – like the Opening Burger at Fatto Bene Burger, the Holyburger at Ham Holy Burger and the Ripper at Burger Wave.

As the latest foodie trend and ultimate experimental dish, burgers bring with them endless possibilities. But merely going beyond the trio of patty-tomato-lettuce is not enough to make them gourmet. Gourmet burgers need that extra something special. 

Quality reigns supreme

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Everything comes down to the quality of the ingredients, especially the beef. It should have the right amount of fat to keep it moist after cooking. And the best stuff comes from well-fed, free-range animals. Two of our burger joints, Fatto Bene Burger and Ham Holy Burger, use Fassone beef – from Piedmont's alpine cattle. Burger Wave opts for Black Angus instead, an ancient breed from northern Scotland.

Then there's the rest of the burger. The bun should be soft and thick. Veggies like tomato, onion and lettuce leaves are packed in for freshness. Homemade sauces amp up the flavours – and then it's time for chefs to go wild with inventive combinations.

From simple supper to foodie superstar

There are as many stories about the origin of the burger as there are recipes for it. The name relates to the German city of Hamburg, but a lot of US towns claim to be its birthplace. But the idea to combine two slices of bread with a steak comes along in many different places – whenever people needed to eat convenient, nourishing food on-the-go.

But burgers have become worldwide superstars. So renowned chefs give the dish their personal touch, transforming fast-food burgers into gourmet ones. High-end restaurants pioneered gourmet burgers, but from there, many other restaurants got the idea. And so the fancy burger franchises were born.

Basic is only the beginning

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The Opening burger is the number one choice at Fatto Bene Burger, with a Fassone beef patty, slow-cooked Tropea red onion, intense fontina, the traditional duo of tomato and lettuce, and homemade mayonnaise. Have a look for their fun, trademark stamp topping their bun.

At Ham Holy Burger their popular Holy Burger also uses Fassone beef in their patty, and then tops it with raw and crunchy red onion rings. There's also fresh, cooling slices of cucumber, and a secret hand-crafted sauce. They call this burger mythical for a reason.

The Ripper at Burger Wave is a salty, bacon-filled twist on the gourmet burger. Made with a chargrilled Black Angus beef patty, the trimmings include piles of crispy bacon, lashings of American cheese, salad, egg, beet slices, tomato relish, and a herby mayo. Can you conquer this mountain of meat?  

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