Piedmont used to be overshadowed by Lombardy, but no longer. Move over Milan: Turin is the new foodie capital of Italy. Enthusiastic chefs have been working tirelessly to transform the area into a gastronomic paradise – catering to every taste and craving. Find flavours from around the world, show-stopping presentations, and a whole host of new ideas. Mix innovation with tradition, and discover the best of what Piedmont has to offer here in Turin.

1. Eat old and new in Vanchiglia

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Vanchiglia, next to the main square, is an up-and-coming star on the foodie scene. It's where you'll find all the newest trends, from contemporary takes on street food to ultra-modern raw food fare. But it's also home to Trattoria Vanchiglia, a traditional Italian eatery focused on using local ingredients and showcasing Piedmont's timeless ingredients. Get hand-made ravioli, creamy polenta, and locally raised veal before finishing up with a just-set panna cotta.

Ideal for: eating the Piedmont countryside from home

2. Beat the crowds in San Salvario

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The multicultural atmosphere in San Salvario gives the air a distinctive buzz. The vibe here is laid-back, but streets are always full of food-lovers tracking down their next blog-worthy dish. Swing by a tea room for cake and coffee, or sit down in a trendy winery for snacks and drinks. However, Sapore Vegano have really got people here talking, thanks to their modern vegan cuisine. Pile up a plate with all kinds of mixed delights, from wine-braised seitan and egg-free frittata to simple hummus or vegetable-packed couscous. Skip the queues, and get this healthy food brought straight to you.

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3. Find your new favourite place in Centro

The historic city centre is where Piedmont's food revolution started. If you want to get to the hub of the action, head to Centro. The Porta Palazzo market heaves and swells here. It's Europe's largest food market, and the perfect place for local restaurants to pick up fresh produce. Fish from next-door Liguria is traded and sold, and Okami snap up the best cuts for their sushi. Get a large mixed sushi platter to experience a variety, or go for the fusion route and order pasta with traditional Japanese tempura.

Ideal for: perfectly plated meals to impress a party

4. Explore Via Po's arcades to find its secrets

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Take a step back in time as you walk down Via Po. It's where the University of Turin used to have its headquarters, and intellectuals would meet at the Caffe Fiorio in the 1800s to discuss politics and philosophy. Wander inside its archways and check out the shops hiding just out of sight – it's where you'll find some of Turin's lesser-known gems. Sweet Lab is a chill café on one of its side streets, and it's so much more than just desserts. Get a fluffy pancake stack for breakfast, enjoy a French croque monsieur for lunch, or grab a hot goats cheese salad to eat at your desk. And, of course, there's the cakes: homemade to American recipes, but full of Piedmont love.

Ideal for: making your co-workers jealous at the office

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