Japanese food is the perfect balance of comforting and filling, delicate and fresh – and Hamasei's hot and cold dishes know how to walk that line. Serving up authentic Japanese cuisine, Hamasei have a sushi roll selection to rival the heaving Tsukiji fish market.

When you want something light and refreshing but still full of flavour, Hamasei is the answer. But don't take our word for it, Hamasei is listed in the Michelin Guide and they deem it – in language as spare and precise as an expertly sliced piece of sashimi – 'simply a good meal'.

Matsu, Uramaki or Makimono for you?

Take your cue from a few of their most popular menu items. Their Matsu sushi selection boasts 10 perfect pieces of nigiri, including traditional deep-hued salmon, ruby red tuna and the more adventurous prawn amaebi, alongside six smaller pieces of classic maki to make sure you're spoilt for choice.

And the well-known uramaki, with the sushi rice on the outside of the roll, is another clear favourite. Get it filled with salmon and avocado, or opt for fresh crab instead.

Japanese food with a Roman heart

You don't have to go to Japan to enjoy traditional Japanese food. With Hamasei, it's right here in Rome. One of the first sushi restaurants here in our beloved city, they've taken typical East Asian cuisine and placed it in the heart of Italy, not far from the Spanish Steps. And they've offered a true taste of Japan wrapped up with European passion since 1974.

Authenticity really is the key. Taking a capsule selection of the nation's best dishes, Hamasei offers a variety of Japan's finest. Think maki rolls dotted among nigiri bites, or sashimi strips next to deep fried tempura. With Hamasei, it's all in the mix – so choose wisely.

4, 6, 15 pieces and counting

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Let's talk options. Maybe you want a helping of sushi mixed with classic Asian grill? Because Hamasei aren't only all about sushi – they've got the taste of Tokyo on the grill too. For something to push your Asian experience to the limit, order unaju. Fillets of grilled eel are dashed with a sweet, sticky sauce. And, if you're a sucker for shellfish, the grilled king crab legs are an obvious indulgent choice.

Don't forget about tempura either. Shrimp and vegetables are dipped in a lighter-than-air batter and quickly deep-fried, and retain all their characteristic juiciness and flavour.

For those who simply want an abundance of beautifully cut slices of fresher-than-fresh raw fish, or for a stunning centrepiece for your next cocktail party, we think you can't beat Hamasei's sashimi platter, with 18 pieces from six different fish – red shrimp, squid, tuna, mackerel, salmon and sea bream.

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