We know people say that 'bigger doesn't always mean better' – but those people clearly haven't seen the menu at Wok Pavese. With almost endless options, Wok Pavese serves up an array of Asian fusion food with its mind-blowing menu of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian dishes.

What we love about this Eastern cuisine is its vibrancy – it's cool, colourful and simmering with complex flavours. Whether it's a scorching summer's day or you feel the need for a winter warmer, you'll find a dish here for every occasion.  

Aromatic Asian dishes

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When the sun is shining, these Asian dishes serve up sunshine on a plate. Spicy curried potato samosas, little Japanese gyoza parcels, deep-fried calamari and salt and pepper edamame beans are all perfect for sharing.

But if you've got a dull drizzly day to contend with, nothing perks you up more than a comforting bowl of something fiery. Tender cuts of meat and tangles of noodles in rich and aromatic broths are infused with a kick-ass punch of chilli, ginger and lemongrass.  

And there's indulgent creamy creations that positively ooze luxury – go for something like chicken with cashew, served up with nutty sauce for extra decadence.

Say it with sushi

With the sushi movement going strong, it's no surprise to see sushi up there as some of the most popular dishes on Wok Pavese's mammoth menu. Some are traditional, and some have been given a bit of a Western twist.

Shakedon is seasoned rice with grilled salmon in a teriyaki sauce, the Shake Extra is a salmon roll of rice with a seaweed centre, the Philadelphia is made with fresh white fish and decadent cream cheese. And then you've got the classic sashimi – the famous raw fish dish with its salty-spicy soy and wasabi dipping sauce.  

But it doesn't stop there. The antipasti menu takes its influences from all over the place. Thai fish cakes. Chinese spring rolls. Tempura vegetables. Seasoned crab salad. And even a nod to our Italian homeland, with a range of raviolis and an East-meets-West Chinese pizza.

For something sweet

And this delightful fusion of culinary cultures meets again in Wok Pavese's decadent dessert menu, with authentic Asian puddings and traditional Italian gelato.

You've got Maki Nutella – rice rolls made with chocolate hazelnut spread and fresh fruit. Daifuku – a small round rice cake stuffed with a red bean marmalade. Dorayaki – little pancakes wrapped around a filling of sweet adzuki paste. Fried coconut rolls with sugar. And a range of Indulgent Italian delicacies – because every menu this size needs to include some chocolatey classics too.

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