Super healthy and super trendy, people are loving sushi like never before. And with hip sushi places like Sushi Sun popping up all over, can you blame us? These guys aim to bring the flavours of Japan to Italy, serving up fresh sushi, light tempura, punchy rolls and hearty soups. So come and discover what makes this spot the new light of Rome's Japanese foodie scene.

Like a fish out of water

Seafood, rice, vegetables and nori. These few ingredients are at the core of endless different specialties at Sushi Sun. Sashimi is raw slices of fish like tuna or salmon, extra-fresh and sliced by hand using ancient techniques. If you pair the raw fish with a small amount of vinegary rice and nori seaweed, it becomes sushi. Different types like nigiri, horomaki, gukanmaki or uramaki depend on the shape and order of the ingredients – but they're all equally addictive. Try the Yasai Sake roll – filled with avocado and delicate salmon, wrapped in seaweed and rice, and topped with tiny pearls of flying fish roe.

But Sushi Sun's menu has more than just the old favourites. Chirashi dishes are bowls of rice, topped with seafood or meat. Everything is scattered and scrambled together with even more spread over the top – like all the neat balls of sushi were mixed into one bowl. Here it's not just all about the taste: dish presentation is the key and everyone is a little masterpiece of food art.  

Chopsticks for everyone

Opened by the Sun family, Sushi Sun is dedicated to bringing Rome a little corner of Kyoto. The authentic dishes are made fresh by expert chefs, meaning every dish is bursting with Japanese expertise.

But it's not just sushi that's on the menu here. The pan-Asian restaurant also has a number of other cuisines on offer, from the Thai-inspired Shiru Tom Yum soup to the Chinese-style rice-flour dumplings and even fusion dishes that substitute noodles for spaghetti.

Keep it light

Sushi Sun is the perfect option for healthy meals. Start with their fusion carpaccio – it's sashimi done the Italian way, served wafer-thin and lightly seasoned. Then the gyoza, steamed dumpling with meat or prawns or vegetables. Part of the menu is dedicated to salads, plenty of fresh leaves and seafood – like the Takosu Salad, complete with octopus, cucumber and seaweed.

But even the tempura here is a low-calorie option. The batter is just made from sparkling water and flour, mixed for few seconds with chopsticks and kept in a cold bowl. Squid, king prawns, salmon and vegetables are dipped in the mix and then briefly deep fried. This way they are crisp, fluffy and still light. Order Ika Tempura for a Japanese take on calamari, or go for the vegetable option if you want something greener.

Pull out the chopsticks and cross your legs on the floor. It's time to call Deliveroo and order your favourite Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes from the Sushi Sun's diverse menu.

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