Fancy a pizza, but bored of all the usual toppings? At Ciampini Bistrot, they're all about customisation. With more than 50 ingredients to pick from, you can make the pizza of your dreams. Craving something else? Choose between gourmet focaccia loaded with locally-sourced products, classic burgers, mixed salads or supplì.

Ciampini Bistrot is a spin-off of Caffè Ciampini, one of the most famous venues in Rome's city centre. Opened by the fourth generation of Ciampini family, the bistrot is a casual and contemporary place, packed with locals looking for a quick ice cream or a coffee, enjoying the ritual of aperitivo or digging into a pizza – all washed down with artisanal beer or a glass of biodynamic wine.

Ciampini's twist on a classic

Ciampini's paired up with food biologists to create a healthier and lighter version of your beloved pizza – they're all about reducing fat but keeping the same great taste. The base is made with four different kinds of organic stone-ground flour. Left to rise naturally for at least 48 hours, the dough is then hand-stretched, topped with ingredients from local producers and baked to perfection.

Want to put it to the test? Order a Margherita. This simple pizza has few ingredients, so there's nowhere to hide – each part has to taste great. At Ciampini Bistrot they prepare their own version of this classic, the Margherita Ciampini. It's made with tomato sauce, Red Cow Parmesan – a specialty from Reggio Emilia – basil, extra virgin olive oil and buffalo mozzarella, added just before serving.

A long love story with Rome

The Ciampini family started their business in 1941 with the celebrated I Tre Scalini in Piazza Navona. Then they moved – first near Via del Corso, then to their current venue, just behind Montecitorio. The current location of Caffè Ciampini has become the place to go, one of the most elegant and popular coffee shops in Rome, and winner of The Times' 'Best Cafè in Town' award in 2000.

Recently, a few steps away from the caffè, Angelo and Federico Ciampini opened the bistrot – an innovative organic pizzeria – with the same passion and commitment to good food. And they focus on drinks as well – from wine and beer to coffee and champagne – they look for the perfect match for your food.

Go local

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The Ciampini bistrot's menu is not just about pizza. Try one of their regional-inspired focaccias, like the Pachino, with sweet cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and baby spinach, or the Parma, with the world-renowned Parma ham, black olives and buffalo mozzarella. For something a bit different, have a look at the options in their Supplì section, including the visually stunning Riso Nero al Ragù  and our favourite – the minimalist yet luxurious Cacio e Pepe.

The dessert menu is a heaven for chocoholics. Dig into the Torta Moretta, a triumph of chocolate, hazelnut and whipped cream, or order a sweet pizza, loaded with Nutella. Gelato lovers, don't miss the most celebrated Ciampini's artisanal ice cream either – the marron glacé flavour, made with candied chestnuts, has got to be one of the best in town.


What's the recipe for a great night in? Gourmet pizza, artisanal beer and home-made ice cream. Browse the menu at Ciampini Bistr

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