Start your day right with some fluffy American pancakes. And have a light desk lunch with a New York bagel. Then dig into some all-American apple pie after work. Whatever meal you're after, California Bakery is here to provide a slice of the USA.

The California Bakery is a Milan institution, with 12 spots across the city. Muffins and coffee are still at its core, but its organic menu covers all kinds of other delights too. It's the perfect place for a quick bite, no matter what time of day it is.

From dawn to dusk

First things first – breakfast. Go beyond cappuccinos and look at sweet granola, thick scones or classic bagels. There's also yoghurts, omelets and muffins in abundance, giving a brunch spin on all your favourite things. Combine two American stalwarts and order the pancakes with salmon and cream cheese – you'll wonder why nobody fused them before.

Then there's lunch (and dinner). The menu is incredibly diverse, full of savoury as well as sweet. Get green and leafy salads for a healthy meal, or go for something juicier with their classic burgers. The soft buns are homemade, and the beef is locally sourced. Wash it all down with a drink, like freshly pressed orange juice or a devilishly dark hot chocolate.  

Made with love

More than twenty years have passed since Marco D'Arrigo opened the first California Bakery. He describes the business as a love story he has shared with his family, team and customers. Now his bakeries are the meeting point for anyone who is looking for hearty homemade food and original US dishes.

Everything started with a bite of cheesecake – it was so good, it changed D'Arrigo's life. He devoted his time to learning how to make all of America's famous treats. Then he sold his car. And with the money, he set up California Bakery – and the rest is history.

Cakes or bust

As incredible as all the savoury food is though, there can only be one star of the show: cake. California Bakery's massive cakes are show-stoppers, impressive enough to make passers-by stop and look. Which one do you want to try first? Maybe the classic NY Cheesecake, baked with Greek yogurt and cinnamon biscuits? Or how about the Double Choco Cake, filled with raspberry jam and smothered in dark cocoa cream?

The lactose-free citrus poppy seed cake is a more virtuous choice, as it's made without milk and butter. Its tart flavour cuts through the soft crumb. But for chocoholics, the answer might be Devil's food cake – a rich cocoa sponge filled with mascarpone, covered in icing, and topped with plump berries. Feel so angelic as you eat the fresh strawberries, and then enjoy that naughty, fudgy cake.

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