It's a burger revolution and we love it. The humble hamburger meets Italian gastronomy at Ham Holy Burger. We're talking everything from sublime prime beef hamburgers served with saffron sauce, to quinoa and zucchini vegan options. And with 11 branches throughout Italy – all with artisanal ingredients, seasonal food, and exciting menu items – everyone can get in on the fun.

Burgers like nowhere else

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You might think bringing something new to the much beloved burger is a tall order. But Ham Holy Burger, with gorgeous ingredients, artisanal additions and constant menu tweaks, keep things fresh and exciting. They're famous for their distinctive take on an old classic, melding styles from all over the world and cooked by top class Italian chefs.

Start your meaty adventure with their eponymous Holyburger – a Piemontese fassona beef patty topped with crunchy onion rings, juicy tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and their homemade holy sauce. Their Crunch burger also deserves some love, with a tender patty, crispy bacon, scamorza cheese, tomato, iceberg, tomato chutney and mayonnaise bundled into a multigrain bun. 

If you're craving premium beef but want a little bit more of an Italian twist, try their Cotoletta Style hambuger – a patty is breaded, fried and topped with sweet tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, red onion rings and holy sauce.  Or for those times when you're torn between having a burger or plate of traditional Italian meatballs – it happens more than we like to admit – give their Meatball Burger a go, with smoked cheese, eggplant, mushroom, basil and grated grana padano.

Ham Holy's core beliefs

Ham Holy Burger only use traceable Piedmont fassona beef – the best in the country – from grass fed cattle.  They've built their chain around four fundamental principles – best quality food, a devotion to customer service, deep respect for preserving the history of their carefully selected locations, and keeping up with the latest technology.

They've also made sure that nobody is forgotten on their menu. Along with gluten-free menu items, you can also do away with the bun completely with the Absolute Hamburger, served instead with an herby zucchini carpaccio with basil, goat cheese and mint sauce and a green salad. There's no guilt here.

Not just about the beef

If you prefer pork burgers to beef, their Red Pepper Burger comes with smoked cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion rings and spicy red bell pepper sauce. Or tuck into their Lobster Roll – fresh chunks of meaty lobster are packed into a roll with julienned iceberg lettuce, celery, chives, crispy bacon and a creamy mayonnaise, yogurt and lime dressing.

Their Crispy Breaded Chicken Strips burger subverts the classic salad too, by piling mixed leaved, sliced carrots and tangy Caesar sauce on top of the burger, all stuffed into a multigrain bun. And of course, they've made sure vegetarians are covered with The Veggy – a seitan burger that comes with lettuce, grilled eggplant, vegan cheddar, tomatoes, carrots, julienned leek, vegan mayonnaise and basil – so even vegans can dine happy.

For a delightfully different Italian twist on your favourite burger, order in from Ham Holy Burger at Deliveroo.

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