Let's face it – your body is a temple. And choosing a salad makes you feel like you're worth looking after. Sick of the same leafy offerings? The King of Salads is here to help with their endless options – so you're guaranteed to find your perfect salad whether it's a desk-side lunch or a superfood-filled supper.  

Unleash your inner artist

This menu is big, but it's been carefully arranged to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Want to run with the pack? Choose from their most popular options at the top of their menu.

Feeling creative? Their free-wheeling Compose Your Salad section will unleash your inner salad artist. Choose a base of grains like couscous, farro, quinoa, or rice, or maybe something fresh and leafy like a mixed green salad or spinach. Now the real choices begin.

You've got – and we counted them – over 50 ingredients, and you can add anything you want. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, nuts, tofu, cheese, egg, fish and cured meats… you're the captain of your own fate here. Once you've sorted that out, pick from three condiments – olive oil with balsamic, lemon, or simply with a bit of salt. It'll be blended when you order and mixed straight into your salad.

Zero kilometres, limitless taste

The King of Salads are all about eating where you live – Zero Kilometre style – and with as little environmental impact as possible. Knowing that busy people don't always have time to create healthy meals, they hope to inspire their customers to try new foods with their huge range of options, or re-discover old favourites in new combinations.

Ready to propose

If all that salad choice is a little too much, they've also curated winning combinations – just have a look at their proposals and let the professionals handle your decisions. When you're in the mood for a time-honoured classic, go for their take on the Ceasar, with mixed salad, chicken, parmesan cheese, egg, cherry tomatoes, oil, salt and balsamic vinegar, either on its own or as part of their Menù Ceasar Salad –  where you'll get two salads, two bottles of water, and two energizer drinks filled with orange, carrot, apple and ginger.

Or how about The Delicious – a vegan offering stuffed with organic black rice, quinoa, chick peas, julienned courgettes, grilled artichokes, grilled tomatoes, black olives, chia seeds, all dressed in a simple oil and salt vinaigrette. We love how much they go above and beyond for the gluten-free crowd too – with gluten-free bread, crackers and desserts to choose from too. Everyone can find their dream salad here.

Too tired to shop for all the healthy ingredients you'd need for a majestic salad? Let The King of Salads and Deliveroo bring vibrant nutrition right to your door.

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