The long gone tradition of latteria – the dairy shop where you went to buy fresh milk, eggs and cheeses – is back. One of the first to open in Milan was Biancolatte, which started as a cafeteria and ice-cream parlour before expanding into the restaurant we know and love today. Its menu will remind you of your childhood – full of nostalgia-inducing classics jazzed up with ultra-contemporary style.

Biancolatte first opened ten years ago, and since then has been providing the good people of Milan with their trademark simple dishes made from secret family recipes. They offer mouth-watering courses, made with regional specialities and local produce – and not to mention their impressive selection of cakes for when you get those mid-afternoon munchies.

At the beginning there was a cake

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Our tour around Biancolatte's menu starts with the puddings, because they've been the key to its success since it opened its doors. If you have a sweet tooth, you can't miss Nonna Lina's homemade cakes, like the apple pie. For something simple, this dish really knows how to pack a punch.

But it's not the only one – there are apricot and raspberry tarts made with freshly cooked jam, tempting chocolate cake and a special take on tiramisu. Don't forget to order a whole cake if you have a big party – or a big appetite. The famous fruit tarts or the Charlotte pies are popular, but you can't go far wrong when everything is this good.

From mama's kitchen with love

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Biancolatte is a family affair, courtesy of a family who love food and wanted to create a cosy place where you everyone feels at home. It all started ten years ago, with the whole clan doing their bit. Mum drew the three teaspoons logo, the daughters approved it, and they found a place and opened the cafeteria.

After few months they were so successful they added a restaurant to the business, called La Latteria. In 2010 the venue doubled its space and they added a shop with all their specialties. And today, the family are dreaming big again – they want to make Biancolatte famous world-wide.

Breakfast, brunch and beyond

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There's plenty to choose from the Biancolatte's menu if you want something more filling than just cake. Fancy a pasta that tastes like home? Try the Trofie Biancolatte, a Genoese specialty with basil cream and burrata added after cooking.

Or go for something more familiar – plump for the Milanesina, hand-made chicken nuggets covered in breadcrumbs and pan-fried. Otherwise, the juicy Biancolatte hamburger that's served up with plenty of bacon and sauce is family favourite that's bound to win you over too.


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