When a light snack, decadent dinner or a feast for the masses is the question, Daruma Sushi is the answer. Perfect for a sumptuous yet simple lunch – or if you want endless options for your evening meal – their selection of sushi is ready and waiting for you.

Combining classic sushi rolls with temaki and sashimi, Daruma Sushi has traditional choices for diehard Japanese cuisine fans. Add in warming udon noodles and fried rice and you've got a perfectly balanced spread that even sushi newbies will enjoy.

Traditional with a twist

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Taking the traditions of Tokyo and adding an Italian passion for good food – and even better ingredients – Daruma Sushi is a favourite across the country. Combining fresh fish and crunchy vegetables with Japanese staples like rice and noodles, ordering from Daruma Sushi is a moreish and memorable experience.

With a full roster of options, their menu has enough items to keep you ordering for days. Take the Gunkan. With silky, rich salmon, ruby red tuna, creamy avocado, succulent shrimp and a little tingling wasabi kick, a sushi supper takes on a whole new meaning. Adding a punchy calamari salad or spicy hyashi wakame seaweed on the side only intensifies the adventure.

Ten years in the making

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Instantly recognisable and incredibly loved, Daruma Sushi has paved their way to success with Japanese cuisine here in Italy. Their take on sushi has set the standard for many other sushi shops which have popped up since – but they're the original, and the best. With incredibly high standards as their founding base, Daruma Sushi have offered a huge variety of vibrant food for over a decade.

The chain are named for daruma dolls, which are Zen Buddhist representations of a monk. In Japan, some people view them as toys while others see them as symbolic talismans. Daruma Sushi's logo is a cute take on these dolls, and will always wish you good luck on your sushi adventures.

Creative combinations for every occasion

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If you're looking for fish that isn't served raw, The Daruma Roll takes baked salmon and fresh avocado, dips it in panko breadcrumbs and deep fries it to perfection. And if you're ready to give your old favourites a rest, mix up your order with a Daruma Box. Salmon Passion packs your favourite fish into a selection of nigrini, mixed uramaki and sashimi for a flavour overload. But if you're planning a party, the Sushi Party pack comes with over 30 pieces of mixed nigrini, rolls and gunkan delights.

But it's not just their sushi that's special. If noodles are your weakness, their trio of udon options are also excellent. Vegetarians can slurp up noodles mixed with crispy vegetables, and fish lovers haven't been forgotten – choose shrimp or salmon for an umami hit.


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