Fatto Bene's name says it all – they're about proper hand-made burgers, high-quality beef patties, homemade buns and fresh seasonal ingredients. Fatto Bene Burger, a small chain of artisan burger restaurants in Milan, has just opened its sixth venue close to Piazza Risorgimento, on the eastern side of town.

Each burger's top bun is signed with the brand's logo, just like a masterpiece would be. Extra-filled, the burgers come in two sizes, regular and maxi. Customise yours with regional cheeses like burrata, asiago, squacquerone and fontina, adding avocado, piling on the bacon or picking any other delicious toppings you like.

A menu for everyone

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A Fatto Bene burger starts with the meat, Fassone beef from small and sustainable farms. It's the star of the show in the popular Opening Burger, alongside fontina cheese, slowly-cooked Tropea red onion, tomato, lettuce and a special mayo sauce.

If you fancy rarer meat don't miss the Tartare Burger – a deconstructed sandwich with beef tartare, cereal bread, avocado, and yoghurt dressing, with a dash of lime and a baby spinach salad on the side.

But the menu caters to all tastes. Seafood fans can choose between the Salmon Chic Burger, with wild smoked salmon, cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in an onion bun; the Fish and Chips Burger made from golden crispy cod, and the Polp Fiction burger, a surprising mix of octopus terrine, light pesto sauce, fine beans, fillets of pepper, goat cheese, olive pâté and basil.

Fatto Bene burger has vegetarian choices too. The Double Veggie isn't just any beanburger though – it comes with scamorza cheese, olive pâté and grilled aubergine fillets, while the 100% Vegan Burger has a tomato patty, olives, capers, cooked spinach, leek, tomato and lashings of wholegrain mustard.

Italian take on burgers

A new wave of slow-food burger joints has hit Italy recently. Every city has its hip sandwich spots. Fatto Bene Burger is one of Milan's best gourmet burger joints, first opening in 2013. Its founders Gian Marco Senna and Fabio Paolini, wanted to find the Italian way to make burgers – a mix of traditional matches, regional-inspired recipes and the best local ingredients.

The meat is high-quality Fassone beef, bred in Piedmont's alpine hills, low in fat and extra tender. Fatto Bene Burger use only the finest cuts, directly from small farms in Cuneo. The buns are made with artisanal bread, prepared with organic flour, special sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. The chicken is 100% Italian as well, from animals that live according to the highest standards, with no antibiotics or GMO. Now those are some promises we can get behind.

Whether you're a meat lover or vegan, picky or easy going, chic or casual, burgers are the new foodie trend. Don't get left behind – try all the Fatto Bene Burger options at home with Deliveroo.

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